Heather Reinhold

I am a mobile notary and I love what I do. A mobile notary is convenient and allows for more flexibility with a minimal interruption in your day.  I specialize in assisting individuals with busy schedules or specialized needs.  My clients are very important to me and no job is ever too big or too small. With my experience and professional but relaxed demeanor, I put you at ease and I allow you the time necessary to complete your appointment without any pressure. 

I am a Commissioned Notary Public by California's Secretary of State, fingerprinted and background checked by the FBI and DOJ, bonded and insured.  My work is always guaranteed. Done right the first time or the redo is on me.

With over nine years as a Notary, my expertise is extensive in notarizing all genres of documents for the general public, businesses, leasing and management companies, title and real estate companies, banks, hospitals, schools and much more.

As a notary, I am not responsible for the document content. As a  public servant appointed by the government, I serve as an impartial witness by checking your identification, taking acknowledgements, administering oaths and affirmations, and performing other notarial acts authorized by law. This helps protect against fraud and guarantees that certain requirement and standards have been met during the signing of the documents.

I am not an attorney and cannot give you any legal advice. If in any doubt about your documents, seek the direction from a legal advisor of your choice who also speaks your langauge fluently.  I am also prohibited from assisting you in filling out any forms or documents.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a Notary Public bound by the laws of the State of California. A Notary Public is not a legal representative and/or attorney licensed to practice law. I cannot give you any legal advice and cannot assist you in filling out any forms or documents.

Should you have any questions or concerns, consult with a professional and in your best interest, preferably one who speaks your language. 

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