Highly qualified and experienced Notary Public 
and Loan Signing Agent

Listed below are my fees and a small sample  of my expertise.

Loan Signing fees are unique and quoted per individual package. 
Many variables are taken into consideration to determine the final charges.
My pricing is fair and equitable for all.     

Fees for general notary work are listed below

The cost per signature is mandated by the Secretary of State.  All other charges for services  are determined by the notary.

Payment for services rendered are due at time of signing.

Payment Methods

I gladly accept Cash, PayPal, Apple Cash, Zelle and Company chacks.

I can also Invoice Business accounts.

Mobile Service

$35.00 for the first 10 miles. 

$1.00 per mile thereafter.


$15/Notarized signature-Mandated by Secretary of State

$15/Certified Copy of Power of Attorney

$30/Deposition-Mandated by Secretary of State

Extra Wait Time

If you are late to the signing location, you will be charged extra. 

$15/increments of 15 minutes. 

Time is precious to everyone. Although I can be fairly flexible with my schedule, I am respectful of my next client's appointment and their availability.


Although my experience is extensive within my 9 years as a Commissioned Notary, I have listed below a small example of the more common requests.   

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Power of Attorney

Assign  people whether family, friends or trustee to take care of financial affairs should a person become incapacitated.


Assign people whether family, friends or institutions to take care of a written predetermined Health Care Directive with end of life requests

Family Trusts

Protection of family assets to avoid probate and extra taxing.

Last Wills

Distribution of assets, personal property and precious family heirlooms.

Loan Docs.

Real Estate transactions including Sale, Purchase, Reverse Mortgage, Loan Modification, and Home Improvement Loans.

Lease Agreements

Protecting landlord and renters.

Quit Claim Deeds

Removing a person from title on a property.

Addoption Papers

A joyful time of giving a child a permanent family and home.

Custody Agreements

Extending or transferring Parental rights.

Corporate Documents

Company Bylaws, Contracts, Employment Agreements


Contractor Agreement

Solar Panel Agreements, Roofing Contracts

Purchase Agreements

Sale and transfer of Property, Cars, Boats, Motorcycles

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DISCLAIMER: I am a Notary Public bound by the laws of the State of California. A Notary Public is not a legal representative and/or attorney licensed to practice law. I cannot give you any legal advice and cannot assist you in filling out any forms or documents.

Should you have any questions or concerns, consult with a professional and in your best interest, preferably one who speaks your language. 

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